PoppyClips - What they are and how to use them

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PoppyClips are a magnetic accessory that changes the look and fit of your clothes. They come in 2 varieties, the name sake PoppyClip which is a set of 2 clips and the FitClip which is 2 bars that magnet together. 

Let's start with the Original, PoppyClip. The PoppyClip is a set of 2 magnetic clips that fold in half. There is an embellishment of some kind on one side and they are blank on the other side.

PoppyClips are used where ever you need two of something. They work to hold your shirt sleeves up when you want them pushed up, or hold a cuff at the ankle of your jeans or even a cuff on shorts. 


They can be used to adjust the hem of your shirt and give it a little interest. 

There are plenty of decorative ways to use them. Add them to a simple canvas shoe for a little flair or use them to hold up curtains in your house. I actually use a set in the dressing rooms here at the store to hold the curtains open when no one is in them. 


You can use them on the shoulders of your tops, either to keep your wide and boat neck shirts from showing your bra straps or keep your cardigans in place. You can wrap them around a short sleeve tee to make it into a tank top on those warm days. The possibilities really are endless. 


FitClips are a bar that you use to change the fit of the clothes you are wearing. If you have a top that you love that is getting big or you want to keep your cardigans closed FitClips are for you. The fitclips are 2 bars that magnet together. One bar has the embellishments on each end of the bar and the other one is blank. 

As I said the main thing that FitClips are made for is adjusting fit in clothes. You will place the fit clip in the spot you want to accent, usually the smallest part of your waist. You can wear it in front or behind. If you wear it behind you will want to put your shirt on backwards first so you can see what you are doing and then turn your shirt around. 


You can do it off to the side. This is a great look for a mama to be, because it accentuates her baby bump and looks super cute. 


You can use them to keep your cardigans closed if you so desire or put it on the back of a cardigan to give it some shape. 


And of course there are some decorative things you can do with the FitClip as well. Add them to a hat for a little extra fun or to add a little flair to your purse. And lastly they are great for little girls too. Fitting kids is hard. Sometimes you find something amazing but its 2 sizes too big. FitClips can help make your kids clothes fit too so you get more use out of them 


This fun magnetic accessory can really do just about anything your imagination are the only limits. 

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