Butterfly Boutique Closing Sale FAQ

Posted by Carrie Thompson on

  1. Why are you closing the store?

The location I am in is not the best location for me. I feel it has become more of a destination spot and not a shopping spot. People come to the strip mall to go to a specific store and then they leave. They do not “shop” the mall like you would do downtown or in an actual mall. Online sales have increased, and I do not feel the need to pay the overhead for a physical location anymore. My lease is up at the end of the year and I decided not to renew it.

  1. Where are you moving to?

I will be moving the boutique back to my house. We have a sunroom that will be set up as a display room/mini boutique and our 3rd bedroom will be made into my work room.


  1. Will I still be able to pick my order up?

Yes! I am working on some kind of locking system that orders will be placed in outside of our home.


  1. What about the boutique bags and the pick up discount?

I don’t have an answer for this yet.


  1. When is the final day?

January 30th


  1. Will you be selling your fixtures.

Yes. Some are for sale now. Others will be for sale later in December and for sure in January.


  1. Will you still be making t-shirts?

Yes. The t-shirts and other custom items will continue and will become the bulk of the boutique.


  1. Why aren’t the t-shirts and other custom items included in the sale?

Because those will be continuing on. The business is not closing, just shifting.


  1. Can I still order custom tees?

Of course you can. I will be making custom items and tees throughout the whole process.

  1. Can I return or exchange items. 

Unfortunately items are now a final sale with the store front closing. Custom items have always been a final sale but all items are now.

    11. Carrie… How are you doing?

I am fine. I am sad that I am letting the physical location go but I still have my business. I am excited to bring it back home. I have always wanted to make things for a living and the shirts and custom items allow me to do that. I am sure its going to be a rough couple months but I am ready for the next chapter of the boutique. Maybe in a year I will find a new location, get a mobile truck, get a warehouse for my increasing t-shirt business… who knows. Please come in and see me. Take a picture with the butterfly…. That’s gonna hurt to paint over… See me and chat. Help me clear out the store. I am ready to start with a completely new collection of items in February for our 3 year anniversary.